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ShackCast Season 2, Episode 1: Super Tennis

The ShackCast is back for a second season, bringing with it the same goofy commentary in a tighter package, as well as a few other surprises. We'll be playing with the format as we go, and have some interesting things planned for future casts. Do continue to send in your questions and comments to Shackcast@Shacknews.com.

Today on the Cast, the staffers adjust to the tyrannical, yet pleasant rule of their guest host. Also, the week's news is briefly digested, Faylor counteracts a dull release period by gushing on golf games, Steve squeezes cows into submission, and Aaron professes his perverse love of video game olfaction.

Music provided by Shacknews community band Jesuit Arrival.

Play or download the podcast now, or browse the episodes through iTunes, RSS, or Digg. Also, check out the full show breakdown.

00:01: Was that a girl?
1:05: It was! Aaron introduces our illustrious guest host.
1:30: News. Acer's purported console development is cleared up, the Sins of a Solar Empire demo is released (along with an apt description), and a Tom Clancy MMO is feared.
4:20: Gibson goes lawsuit crazy. Faylor sorts things out.
5:40: Under/over segment is introduced. Nobody really knows what it is. Faylor doesn't know what a ratio is. Nobody really knows how he exists.
11:30: Nick forces Aaron to tell his endearing/bizarre story involving several sealed copies of Super Tennis.
13:45: Faylor forgoes Smash Bros. discussion to talk about Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds and Ribbit King. Nick is puzzled, then briefly touches on Vegas 2, lamenting the Ubisoft-proclaimed death of hardcore tactical PC shooters in the process.
20:45: Aaron continues with his love of boxes, and plugs Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection.
23:30: Shacker mail.
27:55: Next week's video game releases are dissected.
31:00: Faylor sets up his own destruction. Tune in next time.

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    March 23, 2008 12:29 PM

    I'm so glad you guys are back.