Salvation Announced for PC, X360; Dystopian Story Involves Cloned Christ, Angels

Ukraine-based developer Black Wing Foundation today announced Salvation, a new dystopic third-person shooter built on Valve's Source engine for the PC and Xbox 360. The studio also released screenshots and concept art for the upcoming title.

Set in the near future, Salvation sets the stage with a world government which makes use of genetic engineering to successfully imitate a biblical Judgment Day and establish a new world order. By creating and subsequently killing genetic replicants of Christ and the Antichrist—this is from the press release, mind you—and cloning angels to patrol the world, the regime is able to strip humanity of its freedoms.

Crafted around a futuristic cybernetic dystopia, Salvation tasks the player with taking down the corrupt government using a familiar third-person shooting gameplay structure with light RPG elements. Beyond its seven-episode single-player campaign, the game also features online multiplayer for up to 32 combatants.

Black Wing Foundation has not yet announced a publisher or release date for Salvation.

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    March 11, 2008 11:01 AM

    Looks like a HL2 mod more then anything.

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