Espionage-based RPG Alpha Protocol Unveiled

Neverwinter Nights 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 2 developer Obsidian has revealed the first details on Alpha Protocol, the studio's upcoming spy-oriented action role playing game.

Due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next spring, the game follows Michael Thorton, a super spy in the making. According to the latest issue of print magazine Game Informer, which broke the news, Thorton's adventures are in the vein of such renowned badasses as James Bond, Jack Bauer, and Jason Bourne.

Similar to BioWare's Mass Effect (PC, X360), the game sports real-time third-person combat. A number of selectable skills allow gamers to focus more on their chosen play style, be it action-heavy or stealthy.

Unlike most RPGs, the characters that populate an area will only engage in a specific conversation once, dictating caution when choosing dialog options and tone of voice. Much like any good spy, Thorton will run across, and be able to woo, countless women during his globe-traveling exploits.

More information and details on Alpha Protocol, which will be published by Sega, are expected shortly. Sega and Obsidian are also working together on an RPG set in the Aliens universe.

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