Postal 3 Due Q2 2009 on PC, Xbox 360; PS3 Possible

Postal III is tentatively scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2009 on PC and Xbox 360, series creator Running With Scissors revealed to Shacknews today at the Game Developers Conference.

The game, which is being co-developed with Russian studio Akella, may also appear on the PS3 after its initial release. "We are seriously considering PlayStation 3," said Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi. A publisher has not yet been announced.

Postal III marks the series' first appearance on home consoles, and utilizes a third person camera located behind the player. The franchise first appeared on PCs in 1997 as a top-down isometric shooter, and made the leap to first-person shooting in 2003 with Postal 2. The series' utterly brutal violence and irreverent humor has lead to a great deal of controversy, as well as an upcoming feature film directed by Uwe Boll.

"Postal III will be much better than a box of syphilis," cracked Running With Scissors marketing moyel Mike Jaret. Expect impressions of the game and new media assets from Shacknews in the coming days.

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