Battlefield Heroes Details: Third-person Camera, Three Classes, Point-based Abilities

Following yesterday's trickle of Battlefield Heroes news, fansite Planet Battlefield is now reporting a deluge of details said to be lifted from the latest issue of Games For Windows magazine.

Due to arrive this summer, EA DICE's Battlefield Heroes will be a free multiplayer-only PC title supported by in-game advertising and micro-transactions.

According to the site, Heroes will give players more health, less-damaging weapons, and shorter respawn times over past Battlefield titles. Apparently the action will occur from a third-person perspective, with the site writing that a first-person view can be eventually obtained "if really wanted," though it is currently unclear if that means the perspective is an earned option, a purchasable feature, or may be added in a patch.

A point system will allow players to buy in-game items and abilities, with the earned sum based on the performance of a player's chosen faction. Abilities are said to play a more integral role due to the title's emphasis on longer battles. Appearance-altering items include badges, helmets, belts, and boots.

Three classes have been revealed thus far: the standard soldier, the fast-moving commando, and the heavily-armed gunner. In all, the game may feature about 15 abilities at launch, with the possibility of that number going up to 50 within the first year.

Other changes and tweaks to the Battlefield formula will have vehicles appearing immediately when players reach a spawn point, a number of taunt and body language options, and a detailed feedback system to help players buy new abilities and set up their characters before the match begins.

Chris Faylor was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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    February 5, 2008 11:51 AM

    I think I'll stick with Warhawk for my multifront multiplayer.

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