Disney World Testing Nintendo DS Tour Guides

The Walt Disney World resort is currently testing the use of the Nintendo DS as a Wi-Fi-enabled interactive guide, map and informational tool for guests attending the park.

Initial details of the program were provided through members of WDWMagic via an instructional pamphlet, which is mirrored here.

WDWMagic poster SewIn2Disney recently participated in the testing phase and brought back several more details, including word that the software is distributed on large cartridges that surround the bottom of the DS with padding. SewIn2Disney also discussed the path-finding feature of the software, which helps people find the fastest route to a specified location.

This lastest non-traditional application of the DS comes as part of Nintendo's recently announced intention to expand the handheld's practical, non-gaming functionality. Previously, Nintendo had introduced tour guide service for the DS in certain Japanese museums as well as Seattle's Safeco Field, where fans equipped with a DS can use the portable system to watch replays, order food and drinks, and browse scores and trivia.

Nintendo was reached for comment, but has not responded as of this writing.

From The Chatty
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    January 21, 2008 4:04 PM

    Disney loves the DS. I couldnt say this before because of NDA stuff but I've seen their plans and they love it a bit too much in my opinion. They seem to envision a version of the parks in which kids run around looking at their DS all day. Its cool from an interactive stand point but to me it sort of ruins the immersion fun that Disney is so good about. Those parks are all about being transported to another world and the idea of running around looking at my DS the whole time seems meh. Also we should take a guess on how many new DSes they sell on a daily basis once kids start dropping theirs on the adventure. :)