Target: Terror Arcade Shooter Coming Soon to Wii

Combining arcade-style light-gun action with hyper-patriotic terrorist hunting, Target: Terror was a throwback to Area 51 and games of its ilk when it came to arcades in 2004. Based on an updated version called Target: Terror Gold, Target: Terror is now being ported to the Wii with Zapper support, publisher Konami announced today.

Created by Eugene Jarvis, designer of arcade classics like Defender and Robotron, Target: Terror (Wii) charges gamers with defending the Eagle-strewn soil of America from savage terrorists in all-American locations like San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge or Los Alamos.

The addition of Justice Mode allows ambitious players to dual wield Wii Zappers when taking on terrorists desecrating the sanctity of the American homestead. Leviathan Games will handle the port, which is expected to arrive sometime in the first quarter of this year.

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