FCC Filing Reveals New PlayStation 3 Model, Price Cut Rumors Abound

An FCC filing uncovered by DailyTech may lend credence to the non-stop rumors of a $399 PlayStation 3.

Listed as model number CECHG01, the FCC-tested hardware revision features standard PlayStation 3 staples, including Bluetooth and WiFi. Interestingly, the FCC only mentions two USB ports--it's not known if the FCC only tested two USB ports or if the new hardware cuts the PlayStation 3's existing USB ports by half.

Earlier in the month, Sony raised $2.9 billion by selling off a percentage of its insurance unit--a move some analysts interpreted as preparation for an impending PlayStation 3 price cut. Many in the industry feel that Sony needs to once again reduce the hardware's price in order to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft's offering of cheaper units and more games.

Unfortunately, the FCC neglects to mention the size of the hard drive included in the new model, which would either confirm or deny speculation of the $399 PlayStation 3 and its rumored 40GB hard drive. Currently, Sony sells a PlayStation 3 packed with a 60GB hard drive for $499, and an 80GB model bundled with Evolution Studios' MotorStorm for $599.

Unlike the quickly discontinued 20GB $499 PlayStation 3 that debuted last year, both the current $499 and $599 varieties of the PlayStation 3 include WiFi capabilities.

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    September 27, 2007 2:46 PM

    I want to want one of these. Maybe this will help. So might games...

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      September 27, 2007 2:49 PM

      Yea drop it another $100 and in a year I'll pick up one