Shack Database Lives!?

Well here we have it, the new news engine database thinga-ma-jigger. Since I'm taking off on a road trip this afternoon we decided to go live with it a couple of days early to give you guys something to play with. New stuff you guys should notice is the comment system for news items (User registration still in progress, everyone is Anonymous right now unless you have created an account on the Quake3 board) and also a nifty index of news items at the bottom of the page. Stuff like referring to individual news items here's an example is now also possible. The search engine wont be live for a week or so, but hell there isnt that much in the new database to search right now anyways eh?

Just about everything is automated now. Assuming Jack decides to finish FingerShack the .plan tracker thing should be rolling in a couple of days too. I'm sure some bugs will crop up, just drop me or Sander some email and we'll get it taken care of. Oh, and no I'm still not happy with the colors but at least it doesnt look like baby poop anymore. So whadya guys think?

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    June 30, 1999 8:41 AM

    Holy shit, lots of changes there man. Not sure about those colors but it\'s a great start.

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