Peter Moore Unveils New EA Sports Title, Acknowledges 'Shit-eating Grin'

In his second day on the job, new EA Sports head Peter Moore was in a light-hearted mood as he spoke to the press at an EA event. Throughout the proceedings today, Moore poked fun at both himself and his tenure as the head of Microsoft's entertainment division, before revealing a new sports trivia-based online game for the PC.

As Moore demonstrated the face-sculpting feature in EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour--using a character modeled on a photograph of himself (left)--the man who was once the public face of the Xbox 360 mocked his classic effigy.

"I hate that picture," Moore told the audience. "I've got a shit-eating grin that annoys even me."

Moving on, Moore confirmed that the NHL, NBA, and FIFA franchises will all be coming to the PlayStation 3 this year. "All making their next-gen debut on my new favorite platform," he said to palpable laughter. After using a PlayStation 3 controller for a demonstration, the executive quipped, "Yes, he's holding a PS3 controller. Cute."

Referring to the Madden series and asserting its "18 years of constant innovation," Moore then moved the briefing into announcement territory.

EA Sports GameShow will allow players to compete against eachother in the realm of sports trivia, with questions streaming to participants via text, audio and video. The PC game will be free to download and play, and provide new programming on a "daily basis."

Moore brought quarterback Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers to the stage to demonstrate the new title. The first question posed to Smith: "A young English football star who lead Yale high school to a national championship in 1974." The answer? Peter Moore.

As Smith prepared to leave the stage, Moore noted that the 49ers will be playing the Arizona Cardinals in the next few days. Smith responded, "It's only the Cardinals."

In talking on his company's recently announced football title NFL Tour (PS3, X360), Moore described the game as being a "more arcade experience" in comparison to a game like Madden. "It allows you to extend your football experience through Spring," he said.

The game apparently has no cover athlete as of yet, with Moore indicating the job is a source of great accomplishment for athletes. Alluding to the famed Madden curse as one reason why this may not be the case, he added, "That doesn't stop them from cashing the check."

Further elaborating on the pressing cover athlete situation, Moore announced an open invitation to NFL players to try out for the role. As an example, Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor sent in a video done in the style of a presidential campaign commercial, to which Moore concluded, "It seems like a pretty low bar so far."

Also touched on was Wii Family Play, the set of simplified control schemes for EA Sports Wii titles. After telling the crowd that his son plays with advanced controls, while he opts for the Family Play mapping, he referred to the Wii as his "other favorite platform." Following chuckles from the crowd, Moore replied, "What? You remember the Wii-60. Come on."

In closing, Moore summed up his mission statement: "I'm here to change; here to innovate."

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