Loki Demo Released


Focus Home Interactive sends along a Loki demo, offering an opportunity to try out this new action RPG from Cyanide Studio. The singleplayer demo allows you to level up to level 20 as the Norse Warrior, one of four character playable in the game.

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    August 9, 2007 9:25 AM

    Looks cool enough. Would anyone mind posting impressions after trying it out?

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      August 9, 2007 8:09 PM

      Well you start off doing a small intro and then you go into a village. You get no drops at the begining and and it feels kinda weird (it helps to read what the npc are telling you though) the game realy starts after you talk to a few npc's and then you leave the village to a forrest (you will see blue partical effects where a door once was).

      The game feels alot like Diablo 2 but a bit slower (they say it is just the character and that each one feels different whic would be cool) same number of enemies which feels right and nice blood effects. The graphics are nice and the skills seem cool. Pretty ober skill trees. I have made up mine mind that I shall buy it, for I love Diablo 2 and it feels close adn has a updated feel for sure. Lets hope the final build cleans up a few things. The interface is not so clean as for the icons and what not (I am playing in 1080p) could be sharper. Probaly the biggest beef is that the voice acting is prety lame but I can easily ignore it. Lots of cool enemies and loot. Worth the download.

      My two cents.

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