News Bytes: Speed Racer: The Movie: The Game

Sorry to talk about Microsoft again tonight, but those guys are some sneaky dudes. Surprise! HDMI on Xbox 360 premium consoles from now on. Well on all the ones made after a certain point anyway. I can see why they wouldn't announce this, as nobody would want the inferior HDMI-less version if they had the choice.

There's apparently some indication of the HDMI capabilities on the box of the new models, but most general consumers probably won't care or even know. This also makes the Elite even less attractive, as the price disparity between the premium and the Elite--formerly $80, now $100 after the price cut--is now based only on hard drive space and hue.

Today's bytes include Speed Racer on consoles, a new DS accessory, Disney friends for the young, and executive appointments at Microsoft and Capcom.

  • Speed Racer movie-based game revving up

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    A game adaptation of next year's Wachowski-helmed Speed Racer movie will retail for Wii and Nintendo DS as the movie hits theaters, with a PlayStation 2 version coinciding with the film's DVD release, Warner Bros. announced today. GripShift (PSP, PS3) developer Sidhe Interactive will take on the Wii and PS2 development, with an unannounced party crafting the DS version.

  • New DS peripheral for Japan


    An official Nintendo-made DS accessory referred to as the "slide controller" has been released in Japan. The peripheral sports an optical sensor and latches to the DS via the GBA port, effectively turning the handheld console into a mouse. No word on whether the device will see a U.S. release.

  • Microsoft nabs second ex-EA exec for games division

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    Former EA VP John Schappert has been appointed to corporate vice president of Live, software and services in Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft announced today. Schappert will report to fellow EA-emigrant Don Mattrick, replacement for Peter Moore, when he begins his tenure.

  • Disney Friends: make Winnie the Pooh your pet


    A "simulation and adventure" game from Amaze Entertainment, Disney Friends will retail in Spring 2008 for Nintendo DS, Disney Interactive announced today. The kid-themed game lets players interact with Stitch, Dory, Simba, and Winnie the Pooh in what essentially sounds like Nintendogs with Disney characters.

  • Capcom appoints new marketing VP

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    Nique Fajors has joined Capcom as VP of marketing for North America. A newcomer to the games industry, Fajors interestingly sits on the board for the National Childhood Obesity Foundation.

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