ShackCast Episode 4: QuakeCon, Rage

Shack boss Steve Gibson (pictured above) joins Chris Remo and Chris Faylor to discuss QuakeCon, id's Rage, Left 4 Dead, Quake Arena on PC, Mac, and DS, and more.

Shacknews went to QuakeCon! And now, with the auditory experience of what some have called Chris Faylor has called the QuakeCast, you can feel like you went there too!

Chris Remo, Chris Faylor, and Shack owner Steve Gibson chat about id's Rage, the Wolfenstein movie, Quake Arena on PC and Mac (and probably Nintendo DS!), Counter-Strike's popularity, id Tech 5, id games on Steam, Wolfenstein 3D (it is better than Commander Keen), and Left 4 Dead.

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Here's the full breakdown:
0:00:00: It's a song!
0:01:00: Rage! RAGE! Arrghghhggg! (It's a video game from id.) (Story)
0:05:14: Aside: id CEO Todd Hollenshead has an expensive t-shirt.
0:06:57: Back to Rage: co-op talk and more.
0:13:30: "They announced a Wolfenstein movie." "It might be good?" (Story)
0:17:59: Quake Arena comes to PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and probably DS.
0:19:22: Aside: Why is Counter-Strike so popular? We take stabs in the dark.
0:19:33: "Okay, back to Quake." Discussion of Quake Zero. (Story)
0:24:18: Which Quake is Steve Gibson's favorite? (Hint: it's not II.)
0:26:37: Discussion of id Tech 5. (Video)
0:33:25: Discussion of Carmack's proposed Quake Arena DS. (Story)
0:38:15: "All that id stuff on Steam is pretty rad." (Story)
0:39:01: Commander Keen is not nearly as cool as Wolfenstein 3D.
0:40:31: Discussion of Left 4 Dead. Zombies + co-op = hooray.
0:47:41: We are creepily self-congratulatory.
0:48:26: It's a song! And (boxed up) brief outtakes!

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