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HD Rage Developer Walkthrough Footage

id walks us through more than eight minutes of the recent unveiled and drop-dead gorgeous Rage.

Today at QuakeCon in addition to the reshowing of the Rage footage we also had a chance to watch Matt Hooper of id Software walk through the Rage engine and show us all kinds of features. We recorded the whole thing for you guys and it's now available on FileShack. The download is over 400 megs but we're sure you'll enjoy it. So check out the HD Rage developer walkthrough.

If you want to view the non-HD FULL 50+ minutes developer video, you can grab the video here. This video is just a bit over DVD quality but not full HD as that would be a couple of gigs. If you want the HD Rage video grab it from the link above.

Due to the Digg hit on this news item we had to pull the streaming version. We decided we didnt want to spend $7,000 extra on bandwidth this month. Hope you dont mind.

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    August 4, 2007 5:29 PM

    Is this the tools demo? Oh hell, I'll download it anyway.

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