Silicon Knights Pres. Hopes For One Console Future

Speaking on the future of the video game industry with GameDaily BIZ, Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack revealed his aspirations for one standardized gaming platform. Much like a DVD or CD player, this theoretical hardware could be produced and sold by any number of manufacturers so long as it met the specifications laid out for the medium. Such a device, he claims, would ease game development and resolve the fragmentation of the current console market.

"Honestly, we'd rather spend time making the games than worrying about the hardware," Dyack said. "And if everyone had the same hardware and when you made a game you knew you got 100% penetration because anyone who plays this game had to buy this hardware platform just like a DVD or whatever standard media format's going to be. I think that would ultimately be much better for gamers."

Silicon Knights has developed games on a variety of hardware platforms, including Cyber Empires on PC and Amiga, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain on PlayStation, and Eternal Darkness, which began production on Nintendo 64 but was later shifted to GameCube. Currently, the company is working on the upcoming Xbox 360 action RPG Too Human and with Sega on an unannounced project set across multiple platforms. Though recent rumors suggest Too Human, the first in a planned trilogy, might not release until 2008, Dyack described the game as "much, much further along than what people think."

As for the previously mentioned Eternal Darkness sequel, "it's going to take the right time and the right things to come together to make that happen," he noted.

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    April 6, 2007 7:52 AM

    oh boy i remember the one console days where there was more crap then good games. i'm a huge nintendo fan, but having computation the best thing that can happen in video games. if sony didn't annunce the PSP, the DS will never be made and we will be playing NSMB on the GBA.

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