Upcoming BioWare MMO Powered by StreamBase

Developer BioWare today announced that it has licensed Stream Processing Engine technology from development environment provider StreamBase to facilitate development of its upcoming massively multiplayer game in development at its Austin studio, opened last year. StreamBase has traditionally provided its tech for "processing and analyzing real-time streaming data" to financial and telecom companies, but has extended into the gaming sector as well with the grown of online gaming.

"After we evaluated the StreamBase CEP software, we quickly realized that partnering with them would cut our server development costs by multiple man years," said BioWare technical director Bill Dalton. "Therefore, partnering with StreamBase was clearly the right choice to deliver on budget and on time."

Amongst the advantages StreamBase claims its software delivers are BioWare's ability to make fixes to the game world in real-time, and to react quickly to malicious or exploitative player behavior.

This news comes several months after BioWare announced that it would be licensing Simutronics' HeroEngine middleware to develop the game's world and graphical interface. BioWare noted that it selected Simutronics as "a great rapid prototyping environment."

There have still been no details released as to the specific gameplay or setting of BioWare Austin's MMO. The game is being helmed by James Ohlen, lead designer on all of BioWare's internal projects from Baldur's Gate (PC) in 1998 to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox, PC) in 2003.

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