SCi Reels in Bluefish Media

SCi Entertainment Group today announced plans to acquire Bluefish Media, a Dutch provider of digital distribution services. Bluefish develops and supports technology allowing its affiliates to distribute games and other content over the internet, as demonstrated by the Bluefish-operated game portal GamePueblo.

UK-based SCi, which owns publisher Eidos Interactive, described the move as consistent with the "objective of growing its successful New Media and Casual Games business." According to SCi, the new subsidiary will serve as an "integral part" of Eidos' New Media division, which focuses on expanding technologies such as mobile gaming and online distribution.

"Bluefish is an important acquisition for Eidos," noted New Media division director Simon Protheroe. "We expect the digital distribution of products to become increasingly important, offering improved margins and a direct relationship with our customers."

The initial cash investment in Bluefish will amount to EUR 1.25 million in 2007, with an additional EUR 1.75 million split roughly evenly between cash and SCi stock by deferred consideration through 2010.

Given Eidos' recent support of Valve's Steam platform, it remains unclear to what extent mainstream Eidos brands such as Hitman and Tomb Raider will be integrated into any potential Bluefish-powered distribution avenues.

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