CryEngine 2 Impressions


GameSpot, FiringSquad, IGN and 1UP all have articles about the latest Crysis tech demo, seeing the nifty features that are part of CryEngine 2.

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    March 8, 2007 10:35 AM

    Wow the editor looks amazingly easy to use. I'm sure there's a lot of fine tuning and tweaking that goes on, not to mention AI pathing that makes it all a bit more complex, but it looks like you could put a small level together in a few hours with that.

    I hope this engine gets licensed out.

    Also check out this effects trailer:
    It has some stuff we've seen before, but some of the animation stuff at the end looks great and the big bomb going off at the very end to show the physics looks awesome.

    I hope this game runs well on a single video card when it comes out.