Warmonger, Operation: Downtown Destruction Announced


We received this press release, officially announcing the development of Warmonger, Operation: Downtown Destruction, a first person shooter in development at NetDevil (Auto Assault, Jumpgate). The game is powered by Unreal Engine 3 and will make use of the AGEIA PhysX processor.

Unique to "Warmonger" is a destruction system that allows dynamic gameplay to emerge from the results of combat, where every aspect of the environment can be completely leveled. Destruction is done procedurally, rather than pre-canned animations that are found in most games today. As a result, explosives, rockets, indirect fire, and vehicle combat can literally blow away walls, drop ceilings and open up new pathways for enhanced gameflow. Collision detection has also been carefully considered during development, and the effect of destruction within the environment can be used as a weapon. A sniper can blow the stairs behind him to block access, but a rocket to the floor beneath him will drop him down, causing possible death. "NetDevil has poured their imagination into this title, and it shows in virtually every aspect of the game," said Manju Hegde, CEO of AGEIA. "We've been very impressed with what they've been able to do with our PhysX processor, as well as visual enhancements they've made to the game by combining it with the Unreal Engine 3. "The benefits of the destruction system are noteworthy, and added PhysX elements of fluids and cloth will give a depth and feel that truly reflect the cutting edge of gaming interactivity."

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    January 8, 2007 12:38 PM

    I really loved Auto Assault, I hope this one gets more love :(