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New -Craft MMO Announced, Using Unreal 3

Last October, developer Vogster Entertainment, which operates offices in both New Jersey and Ukraine, announced that it had licensed Epic's popular Unreal Engine 3 for its upcoming massively multiplayer game. Now Vogster has revealed initial details on CrimeCraft, an crime-oriented MMO set in a large city and putting a strong emphasis on the role of economy in gameplay. PC gamers will no doubt find the game's moniker somewhat familiar, bearing as it does a striking similarity to the title of Activision's 1996 conspiracy adventure Spycraft: The Great Game.

According to the spec sheet, CrimeCraft will allow players to take a strong role in the economic dealings of the world, with the ability to deal in real estate as well as operate a number of types of businesses including shops, factories, and banks. Player can choose to operate on either side of the law. Vogster notes that the game's social system will be "developed" and its combat system "unique," though it does not go into great detail. Several pieces of character artwork were released.

"We are proud to have Vogster Entertainment choose Unreal Engine 3 for what promises to be a truly engaging MMO game." said Epic VP Mark Rein when the license deal was annouced. "We are confident that our technology will help Vogster Entertainment develop an outstanding product, and we look forward to this exciting new relationship. To work with such a talented group of developers in exciting places like Kiev and Moscow is going to be a lot of fun for Epic."

CrimeCraft is currently planned for release in 2008 on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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