Lowtax vs Uwe Boll


Remember Uwe Boll's call for his critics to take him on in the boxing ring? Apparently that's actually happening, with matches planned for next month. GoldenPalace.com will sponsor the fights, which will be filmed and be included in Boll's next movie Postal (I'm sure it will make total sense). Among the challengers: Lowtax of Something Awful. Thanks anthonybean.

After receiving a slew of horrid reviews for his latest film "BloodRayne" earlier this year, Boll was incensed and did what any successful filmmaker would do - challenged his detractors to a boxing match to knock some sense into them and settle the score. "Many journalists make value judgments on my films based on the opinions of one or two thousand Internet voices," claims Boll. "Half of those opinions come from people who've never watched my films." Boll proposed a 3-round match against anyone with the guts to step into the ring with him.

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