Novelist's Work Becomes Casualty of Civilization

According to Idle Thumbs, UK publication The Independent reports that well known science fiction author Iain Banks has had to push the release of his next novel into next year thanks to the debilitating effects of Civilization addiction. The book was due this year, and this delay apparently marks the first time Banks has ever missed a deadline. Presumably, the culprit was Firaxis' recently released Civilization IV, though this was not confirmed.
"It's all because I became a serial addict of the computer game 'Civilisation' [sic]" Said Banks, "I played it for three months and then realised I hadn't done any work. In the end, I had to delete all the saved files and smash the CD. It is very unprofessional of me. I had to ask for an extension for the first time, which made me feel just like I was a student again."

Having myself been severely addicted to the original Sid Meier's Civilization in the early 90s, I am fully sympathetic to Banks' plight. In fact, to this day I have never played any of the sequels to Civilization. And why not? Out of fear.

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