MMOs For All Blizzard Franchises?

A potentially huge Blizzard rumor has been making its way around the internet over the last day or so. According to F13, Blizzard parent corporation Vivendi Universal gave a financial presentation in which the following statement was made: "All Blizzard franchises will become MMOs." Presumably, this would refer to StarCraft and Diablo, the company's remaining two non-MMO megalithic franchises, and not its classic properties such as The Lost Vikings, Blackthorne, and Rock 'n Roll Racing.

However, when asked by Shacknews to comment on the alleged statement, a senior publicist from Vivendi said simply, "That's the first I've heard of it." After being referred to developer Blizzard, Shacknews received a similar response. Furthermore, the corporate websites of neither Vivendi Universal nor game division VU Games contain no indication that any sort of shareholder meeting or press conference was scheduled for today. Until any further announcements are made, consider this a rumor and nothing more.

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