Film of Warcraft


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Blizzard has signed a deal with Legendary Pictures to produce a feature film based on the developer's lucrative Warcraft universe. Somewhat disappointingly, it will be a live action movie rather than being created by Blizzard's mind boggingly talented in-house CGI team. Blizzard's vice president of creative development Chris Metzen will be overseeing the project. As has become the all too frequent standard line with these announcements, the Warcraft movie team pledges to break the trend of subpar video game-based movies. The movie will not be based on the plot of any particular game, but will be a new story set in the world of Warcraft (see what I did there?).

"We were looking for worlds that are rich in mythology and theme, that were branded in some way, and partners who could help in the translation of making something that was going to be seen as standing above and beyond some of the other translations from game to film that have not worked," Legendary chief creative officer Jon Jashni said.
Legendary Pictures is currently also developing an adaptation of Milton's classic epic poem Paradise Lost.

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