UT2004 Patch 3355


Epic sends along the latest Unreal Tournament 2004 patch, which updates the game to v3355. As always this patch is completely compatible with any retail version and previous patches, but you are required to have the ECE bonus pack installed before updating. Here are the gameplay changes for this patch

- Fixed stuttering/snagging/sinking into static meshes in some places on clients in net games - Improved getting out of water - Fixed FaceClassic teleporter exploit - The Cicada hud indicators should now show up in all game modes. - Fixed SPMA causing damage at world origin. - Fixed not being able to exit Raptor when it's on the ground - Fixed (for assault) the energy core always showing on the HUD even if it not the current objective (thanks AngelMapper)

From The Chatty

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    February 22, 2005 10:17 AM

    About time! I was itching for a new patch.