Digital Duke4?

Well everyone around here who put more than a moment of thought in to the industry probably realizes that digital delivery is set to become a huge part of the game industry. Half-Life 2 was a huge step and now it looks like 3DRealms is now hopping aboard the digital delivery train. Here is a quote from Scott Miller about Gamesxtream a Steam-like service.

"Games xStream is the first and only online delivery platform that can satisfy a gamer's desire to buy a game on impulse and start playing minutes later, regardless of the size or complexity of the game.  3D Realms is extremely excited by this ground breaking technology, and we plan to use it to sell our future releases"

There seem to be a dozen new game streaming technology companies showing up every time you blink. Try to keep the Duke4 jokes to a minimum and save your comedic skills for the Apollo or something.

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