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Regarding Ryuhei Kitamaru directing the Metal Gear Solid flick, I don't think there's a better choice. I'm sure plenty of you had passed on MGS: The Twin Snakes on the GameCube, but I think the cut-scenes he directed are worth the price of admission alone. My jaw actually dropped during a couple of the sequences, primarily the first encounter of Snake and the cyborg Ninja. The sequences just completely oozed style and polish; the fight scenes rivaled anything you've seen in one of his feature films. In any case, it appears a rapport has developed between him and Hideo Kojima and it would appear good stuff is in the works. Now, who should play Solid Snake? I hope it's that hunky Colin Farrell. <3

PS2 Xbox Midway Buys Paradox Development Midway acquired another developer today with their purchase of Paradox Development, the studio that is currently working on Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks for the publisher. In actuality, Midway swapped stock with Paradox to acquire the company, whose previous titles include the just-released Backyard Wrestling 2 and the never-released Thrill Kill. It wasn't long ago when Midway bought Inevitable Entertainment, makers of Area 51, and turned them into Midway Austin.
PS2 Metal Gear Solid Movie Rumblings On tonight's episode of The Screen Savers, Ain't It Cool News co-founder Moriarty had a special announcement for the viewers. Ryuhei Kitamura, director of the cult-hit Versus and of the upcoming Godzilla: Final Wars, will direct a movie adaptation of Metal Gear Solid for an American audience. Series creator Hideo Kojima and the director have formed a bond as of late and Kojima will have a hand in the production of the film. Kitamura has experience with the franchise as he directed the cut-scenes for the GameCube exclusive Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, a remake of the PSone original.
PS2 Xbox GCN Game Console Sales Down Consoles aren't doing as hot as they were doing back this time last year. Market research company In-Stat/MDR forecasts that 19.3 million copies will ship by the end of the year, down from 35 million in 2003. "At this point, the market is much closer to the saturation point, even with the price cuts," said analyst Brian O'Rourke. He predicts that in the next-generation, Sony will remain #1 with Nintendo and Microsoft battling for #2. "Xbox has done really well in North America, but it hasn't gotten very far in Japan and the rest of Asia. The (Nintendo) GameCube has a solid presence in all three (regional) markets, but they're not really knocking them dead in any of them."
PS2 2.2 Million in Two Days for Dragon Quest VIII Known as Dragon Warrior in this neck of the woods, the latest entry in the Dragon Quest series has been selling like hotcakes in Japan: 2.2 million copies sold in just two days. Dragon Quest VII, released in 2000 for the PSone, sold 1.8 million in the first two days. Square Enix plans to sell 4.5 million overall.
PS2 Xbox GCN Misc. Q&As/Features Planet GameCube talks with members of The Treehouse, the product development arm of Nintendo of America. Experience Gaming chats with a designer at Ninja Theory about their next-gen title, Heavenly Sword.
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GBA PSP Screens of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA) can be found at GameSpy. IGN puts up some video for Hot Shots Golf (PSP).
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Console Game of the Evening: Hydlide for the NES. "Incredibly hard RPG with awesome box art. The background music was even catchier than that of Zelda - go listen to it." (submitted by antonio77).

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