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As we posted last week, the November issue of PC Gamer is featuring a preview of Quake 4 (the UK PC Zone magazine has a preview as well). The issue hits newsstands September 21 but it looks like subscribers are starting to get it already. Here's a few tidbits from the preview

- Quake 4 is a direct sequel to Quake 2, takes place just hours after the event of that game. - During most of the game, you are fighting with other marines, however there will be solo missions. - Some missions take place inside, others outside. You'll get to use vehicles at times. - You're part of a military campaign attacking the Strogg homeworld. - Returning weapons so far: blaster, machine gun, nailgun, shotgun. - Multiplayer: "The multiplayer experience is more akin to Quake III: Arena", no vehicles. - "With Doom 3 it was horror. With Quake IV, it's war."
Be sure to grab PC Gamer to read the entire 10 page preview and check the screenshots. Do not post scans in this thread.

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    September 13, 2004 2:28 PM

    It can not come soon enough

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      September 13, 2004 4:22 PM

      ^^^ great post, fully agree. thread/section/internet over.

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