Sunday Afternoon ShackReviews

To those that celebrate it, happy Easter! I may not celebrate it, but I appreciate a Marshmallow Peep as much as the next guy. Anyway, it's time to update the ShackReviews database. This week we've got a handful of new games, including three of those sports games that you kids like so much. As usual, if there's a game you want to review but don't see in the database, check first and then submit it! (And don't blame me if a game you never submitted isn't added!)

I'm still making my way through Final Fantasy X-2, although I've pretty much given up all hope at this point of the story getting any more interesting. The combat system's fun, but the story alternates between pure cheese, j-pop goofiness and WAYPTA moments, and it all adds up to a rather unsatisfying package. I'm going to keep playing it just because the gameplay's fun, but I'm very disappointed in the game. One other thing I played a bit of this week was Beneath a Steel Sky, an adventure game from Broken Sword creators Revolution Games. It was released as freeware some time ago (it's available for download at the official ScummVM site), and since I'd never played it before, I figured it'd be worth checking out. And sure enough, it's a hoot. It's well-written, fun, and quite silly at times. All the things I like in an adventure game. And it works flawlessly in ScummVM, which is great in and of itself. If you're looking for a free adventure game, give it a shot.

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