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Painkiller Demo Date & Leak

Dreamcatcher Games has put out a statement concerning the recent Painkiller multiplayer early-beta build that has leaked onto the internet. Here is what they have to say which also has word of a February demo date:

January 5th, 2003. DreamCatcher Games is today requesting that Painkiller fans steer clear of the latest multi-player builds that have appeared on various fan and download sites, as the releases are NOT official demo releases and are intended for press evaluation purposes only.

The company is encouraging fans of the game to wait until early February for the official single-player demo release.

This leaked build contains just a glimpse of the multi-player maps planned and lacks the depth, weapons, levels and A.I. sophistication that will be present in the official demo.

For further information about the game head to

Our policy of not discussing or implying where to download things like this or what you thought of the beta if you did download it in the comments still exists. However discussion of how warez is sucky and what a bummer this is etc is allowed for this news item.

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