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More Half-Life 2 Numbers


Tech-Report and AnandTech both have more in-depth articles taking a look at the performance of ATI and NVidia cards when it comes to Half-Life 2. As was shown a couple of days ago, the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro is the current winner but NVidia will be coming out with improved drivers soon which may or may not increase performance dramatically.

Normally, when you see benchmarks on TR with fancy graphs and the like, we have conducted the testing ourselves using test systems we've built and installed personally. That's not the case with these numbers, which were produced in a very controlled environment. ATI and Valve collaborated on the system setups, and my role in the process was reduced to specifying verbally which script should be run. A very protective ATI employee kept my hands off the keyboard and kicked off the scripts for me, so not even in that basic way can I claim these are "my" benchmark numbers.
Update: another article can be found on Gamers Depot which also has quite a few new screenshots.

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