Futuremark Loves NVidia

Here is your hardware scene soap opera of the day... So it looks like Futuremark suddenly doesnt feel like NVidia is cheating on 3DMark03 after all now? Yeah.. check out the full statement on HardOCP and here's a little summary and translation:

FutureMark Statement: Futuremark now has a deeper understanding of the situation and NVIDIA's optimization strategy. In the light of this, Futuremark now states that NVIDIA's driver design is an application specific optimization and not a cheat.
NVIDIA Statement: NVIDIA works closely with developers to optimize games for GeForceFX. These optimizations (including shader optimizations) are the result of the co-development process. This is the approach NVIDIA would have preferred also for 3DMark03.
Translation VIA HardOCP: FutureMark reneges on previous statements and confirms NVIDIA was not cheating on their benchmark and NVIDIA will not take a legal action against FutureMark that would bankrupt them.

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