Todd Howard Interview


About a year ago Jason's Todd Howard interview was posted, talking with Bethesda's project leader who had then just finished Morrowind. Now a year later, Jason caught up with Todd during E3 and asked him about the state of the Elder Scrolls franchise. The chat is about the Xbox port of Morrowind, the possibility of a PS2 game, the expansion packs, future projects and several other related topics.

Todd: Let's see...last year when we talked, we were finishing the Xbox version [of Morrowind]. Jason: Right, and you had shipped the PC version, like the week before. Todd: Right. So we were finishing the Xbox version, and that was the big question mark for us. And that turned out way better than we expected. I mean, it was kind of a gamble for us. We were going to put our game out there, in the hopes that the console audience wanted something more than Final Fantasy. And it turns out, a lot of them did. So that was very good for us, and we sort of became the role-playing game on the Xbox. And I'd say half of our fan base now is Xbox. We did about a 50/50 split [sales-wise], and it was very interesting, what they brought to the game, and what they wanted out of the game.
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