Counter-Strike 1.6 BETA Mercury

(re posted since it happened so late last night) As many of you probably know, Valve Software is currently privately testing the Steam content delivery system, and along with that is Counter-Strike BETA v1.6 as well as future versions of other mods for Half-Life. Well, Valve Software offered to help us out and would like a few new testers, so in cooperation with Valve we're now offering a custom Steam2 client for our Mercury subscribers on FileShack.

- Opportunity to test the Counter-Strike 1.6 BETA
- Opportunity to test more future BETAs
- Access to a private Steam testers only messageboard here on Shack where Valve employees will participate
- A warm fuzzy for helping Maarten, Jason and myself continue to grow
- If you're already Mercury download it now!

We'll be getting that messageboard online tomorrow some time. It's been a busy busy day. Also, in case you're wondering about the whole exclusive thing which we've talked about here before, you'll probably want to read this post as that addresses the situation. This is not a public demo, but a private beta intended to stress test servers and registration systems, not the client software. We're starting off with option A, which in itself is a pretty big step around these parts for someone that isnt 'those other guys' to get a perk like this for subscribers.

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    February 12, 2003 9:46 AM

    Nice steve! even though the bickering will come out because of the game, an exclusive like this is great news!