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This is my last LNC before heading off for a week (sniff) but the good news is that despite all the craziness I've gone through over the last few days (you simply wouldn't believe how many things have come's staggering) I managed to finish off my big PS2 online article, which should run sometime next week. That's the first of four such articles: the second will be devoted to the GameCube (it will naturally be significantly shorter), the third to Xbox Live, and the last one will be a three way shoot-out, where I compare them all and talk about the future. It should be good stuff (or at least that's the plan anyway).

GameCube GameBoy Advance Metroid Previews GameSpot has posted hands-on impressions of both Metroid Prime and Fusion, and have posted some new gameplay movies from the former. Some new media from Metroid Fusion can be found at IGN.
GameCube PS2 Xbox Sega's Earnings: Ouch! That's Gotta Hoit Sega yesterday announced a 72% drop in their projected net profit for the fiscal year ending in March 2003. The primary cause for this insane recalculation is poorer than expected sales of NFL 2k3, along with delays to some of their bigger titles for the holiday season. As for NFL 2k3, they expected to sell 1.6 million units (!) this year (despite fierce competition from EA Sports) and wound up selling only 300,000.
PS2 PS2 Rumors: Visual Concepts Jumping Ship to Sony? GT4 Info To go along with that story above, PS2.IGN's latest rumors column suggests that Visual Concepts, the developers of the aforementioned NFL 2k3, may be leaving Sega's fold for Sony. There are also some general details on Gran Turismo 4.
Xbox MechAssault Reviews The game won't ship until next week, but nonetheless, very positive reviews of MechAssault have gone live at IGN and GameSpot. Between the two of them, it was enough to get me to pre-order the game. God I'm weak.
GameCube New Zelda Details Cube.IGN has some new details from The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto up tonight. Specifically there's a glimpse at the Deku leaf and the "Takuto" a goofy wand of sorts.
GameBoy Advance Rare on GBA Confirmed While there's no word on what games are still in production, Rare has confirmed that they are going to continue to develop for the Game Boy Advance, despite being owned by Microsoft. Rare had previously announced three GBA games: Sabrewulf, Banjo-Kazooie, and Diddy Kong Pilot before the buyout went through.
GameBoy Advance Crawfish does GTA? According to Computer and Video Games, Crawfish, the developers of Driver, Street Fighter Alpha and Ecks vs. Sever (among others), is working on a Grand Theft Auto game for GBA. That same story says the previously announced GTA3 game by Destination Software has not been canceled, despite silence as to its current status.
PS2 GameBoy Advance Misc. New Screenshots Here are new shots from Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven and Nobunaga's Ambition Souten Roku (PS2) and Klonoa Heroes: Legend of the Star Medal (GBA).
Console Game of the Evening: Combat for the Atari 2600. Okay, so this game moved at a snail's pace. But it was fun! Really!

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    I NEED a ps2. I want vice city so bad, it makes me so hard.

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