Platoon Q&A


There's a Platoon interview on GameSpy, offering their Q&A with Pro Sotos of Strategy First. Q&As are about what came first, the license or the game idea, if it was hard or easy to make a game based on Vietnam, what makes this game better than others and the connection between the game and the movie.

From The Chatty
  • afo
    November 7, 2002 9:02 AM

    GameSpy: 'Nam is certainly, still, an emotional and resonant war for the United States. How carefully do you have to handle this project because of that? What concessions have you made, how carefully are you treading?

    Pro Sotos:That's not really a problem because the game doesn't focus on the political and social problems that surrounded that war. The game focuses on the main character and shows you how the war affects and changes him.

    This is why the game industry is treated differently to the music and movie industries by regulators, the media and lawmakers - and rightly so. Is there a single grown-up making video games?

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