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Name Duke Nukem 5

Carried this over from late last night... Scott Miller of 3DRealms made a post to the 3DR BBS stating that he is still in search for a name to fit the next Duke Nukem game. (Duke5) Of course Duke4Ever just pretty much fit quite well, but Duke5... check it

I've been thinking about a name for Duke 5 for several years and I have several very good candidates (which I will not reveal here because it's best if everyone thinks along their own lines, rather than the direction I've been going). The name must have something to do with the number 5, or have a play on the word 5 in some way (like Duke Nukem Forever sounds like Duke Nukem Four). Be very creative! So, if any has any ideas, post them here! BTW, this is NOT a contest, but then you never know what I might give away if someone has a great suggestion. ;-) Have fun...
Scott Miller

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