Evening Reading

Ah yes a new week. So it looks like when E3 rolls around Maarten is gonna stay for about 5-6 weeks here in Austin. During that time we'll prolly do more goofy projects on the page or just make fun of each other a lot. He's not a bad guy for a punk kid.

- Verizon launched their new 3G network, way cool!
- The end of pagers?
- The new Austin Powers movie is in a bit of trouble with MGM.
- Palm has released a new product, looks cute. The woman wants one.
- Stephen King is ending his writing career.
- A day without the internet? BLASPHEMY!

Lastly, adding a couple of tweaks to the comment filtering system here. If you see wacky colors flying across the screen dont panic, I'll have an explanation of the new stuff tomorrow, it's just some visibility of categories crap.

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