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Well Shack Reviews have really taken off faster than was expected. It's certainly not quite done but there have been so many great reviews submitted by readers that it would be a crime not to give them a bit of attention here. We're already approaching 100 reviews submitted since last night, here's some of the games that have been getting good reviews and lots of them. The average review ratings are listed at the bottom right now btw.

PC Platform: RTCW , Aliens vs Predator2 , Ghost Recon , NOLF , Max Payne , etc...
PS2 Platform: TonyHawk3 , MetalGearSolid2 , GTA3 , GT3 , etc...
XBox Platform: Halo , DOA3 , Project Gotham Racing , etc...
GameCube Platform: TonyHawk3 , Luigi's Mansion , Super Monkey Ball , etc...

Not to mention, GameBoy Advance, Dreamcast, and PSOne categories.
Dont see a game listed? Suggest it!

There are still a number of things being considered including possibly letting people rate reviews on "how useful this review was" and of course there also needs to be a marker for when a review contains game spoilers. It's a work in progress, we're all so proud of Maarten yes? Feel free to make suggestions here.

Steve Gibson is the cofounder of Originally known as sCary's Quakeholio back in 1996, Steve is now President of Gearbox Publishing after selling Shacknews to GameFly in 2009.

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