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XBox Specs Change

Here's something that is a bit scary. With only about a month or so left before release, Microsoft has once again changed the specs on their XBox console system. The latest change is the hard drive capacity is being dropped (Thanks Mike) from 10gig down to an 8gig drive. The system is scheduled to be relased on November 15th. Now I'm certainly no expert... or well, even what would be qualified as a novice when it comes to mass production of a product line... But isnt changing specs on a multi-year project right before release a bad thing?

Granted, a change in drive capacity seems trivial but the whole concept of a hard drive in a console system as a whole is a pretty huge leap. I wouldnt want to mess around with something like that... Pick an exact drive model, test the hell out of it for a couple of years.. then ship it?

update Jack - (removed my snide update)

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