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@Home Troubles

You guys remember seeing all those stories about DSL companies and their troubles? Then you probably remember all those guys on cablemodems laughing and taunting... well then this just might interest you. (Thanks Roofus) Excite @Home has announced that they "may not be able to continue operations" due to market conditions and the possibility of Nasdaq delisting them.

The company said in the amendment that it may not continue as a "going concern," which in financial lingo means that the cable Internet access company is running out of cash. The company also warned it could get booted off the Nasdaq, a move that would accelerate Excite@Home's financial woes. Companies can be delisted if they trade under $1 for 30 consecutive days.

update: I'm not 100% certain but everything I can find points to Excite@Home looks to be the parent company for all @Home services. If this is indeed the case it will most likely impact all @Home customers in some form. Such as Rogers@Home and AT&T@Home etc.

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