Create A Castle is a brand new way to build

Dungeons & Dragons players might have another tool in their environmental design toolkit with Create a Castle's molds.


No matter what age you are, everyone can find joy in creating a castle out of sand. The husband and wife team at Create A Castle have taken the castle building pastime and created a set of molds and proprietary sand that make it incredibly easy to make useful and durable castles. Check out the video interview below!

Shacknews recently got to speak with Kevin Lane and Laurie Land a husband and wife team behind the Create A Castle brand. During our chat, we got to see how the molds work and how the sand is pressed into forms and maintains its shape.

Though they couldn’t get into the technical details of the sand, Kevin summarized the sand product as mainly sand but to also think of it like slime. This much is evident when you see him handle the clay, as it slowly stretches and flows, like some kind of viscous water-sand hybrid. It’s not quite dry sand and not quite wet sand.

As I suggested in the strapline, this product has a variety of uses, from kids playing and creating to D&D DMs manufacturing real landscapes for their players to explore. It’s really interesting to see the towers take shape, maintain their form, and break down when you need them to. You can learn more over on the Create A Castle website, where there are plenty of kits and bundles to peruse. Take a moment to look over our Shacknews Interviews YouTube channel for more chats with toy developers!

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