How to unlock the Ritualist Archetype - Remnant 2

Find the Ragged Poppet in The Awakened King DLC to unlock the Ritualist Archetype in Remnant 2.

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The Awakened King introduces the Ritualist Archetype for players to unlock in Remnant 2. Like the other subclasses, this one can be tricky to find. The good news is that you can unlock it right at the start of the DLC, provided you can hop across some boats without falling into the water.

Unlock Ritualist Archetype

The Ritualist Archetype is unlocked by finding the Ragged Poppet in the Forlorn Coast section of The Awakened King DLC. If you missed it on your first clear and have already rerolled Losomn, you may have to do some exploring or keep rolling a new Adventure to get this starting location.

The map of Losomn with a line marking the way to the Ritualist Archetype
From the starting point, head into the region and go down to the canal where the boats are. Jump across the boats and work your way into a tunnel to find the Ragged Poppet.
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The Ragged Poppet is found by jumping across boats in the canal to reach a tunnel with a hole in the wall. Because there are no cardinal directions on the map, the best way to work out where to go is to find all of the small boats, some of which are connected by planks. You will need to jump across a couple of gaps to reach the tunnel.

The player is looking at boats in the water
Jump across the boats to reach a tunnel below the wooden structures.
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A hole in the side of a tunnel in the canal
The hole in the wall will be marked by a lantern. At the end will be the Ragged Poppet.
Source: Shacknews

The boats will lead you below the wooden walkways and houses, into a brick tunnel. There will be a hole in the side of the tunnel and a path leading to a dead end. Here you will find a witch enemy and a few other foes to defeat. Pinned to the wood at the back is the Ragged Poppet. Take this back to Wallace at Ward 13 to turn the Ragged Poppet into the Cursed Effigy.

You will now have access to the Ritualist Archetype. This new subclass specializes in status effects, specifically, spreading them to enemies. If you want to level it up faster, make sure you know how to unequip your secondary Archetype. Swing by our Remnant 2 page for more help with the base game and the DLC!

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