Evening Reading - September 26, 2023

It's nighttime in America, which means it's time for another round of Evening Reading.


Welcome, welcome, Shackers. We’ve reached the end of another Tuesday, and so comes the time in which we end our day of posting. You know what that means: It’s Evening Reading time. We hope you’ve enjoyed our content today, so let’s round it out right.

In case you missed it at Shacknews…

And now… More stuff from The Internet!!!

WGA gets the bag

Well-earned. So much commitment to all involved, and now hopefully the writers will be rewarded for their efforts.

Asuka wants you to stop being so impulsive with your gaming

But she also got merc’d by drones in Evangelion, so what does she really know in the end?

Does Mortal Kombat 1 have P1/P2 advantage?

This is absolutely wild if true. The game is still very fun to play, but it’s wild to think you could lose a match specifically by dropping a combo because you were Player 2.

Lionel Hutz, Babysitter At Law

Well negotiated, Mr. Hutz.

AKI is on the way!

Are you ready for a touch of poison? We hope so. AKI will be in Street Fighter 6 starting tomorrow.

Meet the Croisshark

Da-duh… da-duh… da-duh-da-duh-da-duh-da-delicious.

Some fine advice for your quest

Gotta stock up on TP if you’re going to survive your fantasy RPG journey.

And now… From CORTEX!!!

JohnnyChugs on Cortex

It was Marisa’s birthday yesterday. I celebrated by sharing the most punchable face she has punched.

Cyberpunk 2077 glamor shots

x-Rumpo-x on Cortex

I need to check out what 2.0 has to offer, but Bill is making it look gorgeous.

F-Zero 99 is still real

the man with the briefcase on Cortex

It’s been days and we haven’t woken up from this dream. What a time to be alive. Thank you, Nintendo!

Ambient Jams for your evening

This weekend, I was listening to a lot of KOF15. I really like the carnival theme that goes with Kronen’s team. Just a great track and awesome to work to.

And there you have it, your Evening Reading for this fine September 26, 2023. We hope you’ve enjoyed our content today, and invite you to support keeping Shacknews alive and kicking with Mercury, where you can help out for as little as a dollar a month. Don’t have a dollar? Don’t need one to enjoy Shackpets! It’s our free app on iOS and Android where you can upload and vote on cute pet pics in the ultimate battle of cuteness!

A mini-aussie shepherd using a couch arm rest as a bar to beg for treats.
Silo sometimes uses our couch armrest as a bar to beg for treats. It's hard to say no to that face.

Thanks for stopping by, Shackers. Have a great night. We’ll see you tomorrow!

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