Destiny 2 players are using Sparrows in PVP and Bungie is cool with it

The Guardians yearn for Combined Arms and Sparrow Racing League.


There’s little else Destiny 2 players love more than hopping on their hovering vehicles and zipping around. With the latest Iron Banner event happening, players have discovered a neat bug that allows them to do just that, and it seems as though Bungie is cool with it – for now.

Iron Banner kicked off on the weekly reset on September 5, 2023, and players quickly flocked to Lord Saladin’s tri-seasonal event to earn some neat gear. It wasn’t long until players got to try out the new map, Multiplex, in Iron Banner, and soon discovered that it was the one map and mode that let them summon their Sparrows.

While not exactly the best tactical option for combat, it’s at the very least quite a laugh. Bungie is aware of the bug and took to social media to acknowledge its existence but to also let players know that the team will be leaving the bug in the game for a bit longer.

Sparrows in Multiplex, huh? Life... uh, finds a way, we guess. While not intentional, it looks some PvP folks are enjoying the chaos, so we'll be leaving this bug in for a little longer. Stay tuned to Bungie Help for more updates on timing.  GLHF, go ham!

Source: Destiny2Team

The decision to keep a bug in the game, at least a fun one, is nothing new and is often lauded as a good move by the community. Previously, Lord of Wolves and Prometheus Lens were vastly outperforming every single other weapon, which led to a couple of days of Crucible where it looked like Guardians were playing laser tag. Once the guns got patched, Bungie released a special emblem to commemorate the zany moment.

Odd bugs like these show players’ willingness to play outlandish and weird Destiny 2 modes. The Sparrow in Crucible, in particular, seems to indicate players would be quite happy to see Combined Arms return. This was a mode from Destiny 1 that let players summon their Sparrow and even pilot Pikes, Heavy Pikes, Interceptors and jump into turrets set at key locations on the map.

But more than Combined Arms, players desperately want Sparrow Racing League, a short-lived but thoroughly enjoyed Destiny 1 event that focused squarely on racing. While this might be a pipe dream, riding your Sparrow around Multiplex in Iron Banner isn’t. So get out there and make Lord Saladin proud.

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