Evening Reading - August 29, 2023

It's nighttime in America, which means it's time for another round of Evening Reading.


Welcome, welcome, Shackers. It’s August 29, almost the end of the month! Bring on the fall season I say, but we’ve still got just a few days left. We hope you’ve been enjoying the content spread we have for you this month, but as we head towards the close of the month, it’s time to shut down another day of posting with the Evening Reading. Please enjoy.

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And now… More stuff from The Internet!!!

Guilty Gear’s undisputed king of swagger is back and feeling good

Johnny’s kit in Guilty Gear Strive feels so weird because some of its elements are so fast and some are so slow, but dang is he fun and stylish.

Gengar wants you to know it’s almost spooky season

Can you feel it coming? It’s about that time!

The Nintendo Death Cube is ready to sortie

Some of the emblem and paint designs players have come up with in Armored Core 6 are just hilarious. Have you painted your mech yet?

Got you some leftovers, 621

Handler Walter better have saved some Cane Sauce or I know who my next target is.

Harvester of sorrow

That poor student is just a piggy bank for all your mech upgrades, waiting to be smashed.

Rat harmonics

A little rodent ditty to keep your heart warm.

Sheriff Trash Panda & his li’l possum pal

Y’all aren’t just gonna mosey on by Sheriff Trash Panda without sayin’ howdy, are ya?

And there you have it. That’s your Evening Reading for this fine Tuesday evening. We hope you enjoyed. If you’d like to support Shacknews, don’t forget that you can do so through Mercury for a little as a dollar a month to help us keep the lights on and the content flowing. Don’t have a dollar? Don’t need one to enjoy Shackpets. It’s our free app on iOS and Android that lets you vote and participate in the ultimate battle of pet cuteness.

A mini-Aussie shepherd looking at you expectantly for the good pets.
You can find Flaff in new space-themed sticker pics on Shackpets!

That’s that. Thanks for stopping by, Shackers. We hope you have a good night. Playing anything or watching anything cool? Sound off in the Shacknews Chatty section below!

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