3dfx Rampage Pics

A flood of people have been sending in a couple of pictures of the 3dfx Rampage card. Several ex-3dfx guys had actually mentioned to me that the next-gen Rampage card had 'taped out' just a couple of days before the NVidia buyout of the company. A bit too late for the investors though as they had decided to close up shop. So it's basically the card that never was. Here are the pictures that have been floating around [picture1] and [picture2]. Also here are the last known specs of the card that we got around November or so of last year:

Click to enlarge4 way SLI (2 Rampage chips and 2 T&L units)
32-512 MB memory support (200MHz DDR)
12.8GB/sec memory bandwidth
1.6Gigapixel fill rate (core clock at 200MHZ)
150 million triangles/polygons per second
AGP4x, 0.18 micron, 32 bit rendering
Full DirectX 8.0 Features
Advanced T-buffer, Hardware T&L, Curved Surfaces, Full Pixel Shader, Quad texturing Photorealisitic rendering, Photoshop effects H2 2000

Thanks Mookz, JayZee, Eric Smith, and Matthew Conrad. Btw in case anyone had a doubt about if the card was real, our man Andy was contracting for 3dfx and confirmed it.

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