Can you change appearance in Baldur's Gate 3?

Discover whether you can change your appearance later on in Baldur's Gate 3 or if you're stuck with your initial appearance.

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Part of the joy of playing an RPG like Baldur’s Gate 3 is tweaking the appearance of your character. People can spend a long time in the character creator screen, making sure that their hero looks exactly the way they want. However, sometimes you might want to change your appearance, adjusting the character’s hair or some other aspect. When it comes to shaking up your look in Baldur’s Gate 3, there’s some bad news.

Can you chance your appearance?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your appearance in Baldur’s Gate 3. Once you have locked in your character’s look at the start of the game, you will be unable to change the way they look at all. For this reason, you will want to make absolutely certain you are happy with how your character looks in the character creation screen.

In saying this, while the feature to change appearance is currently not in the game, it’s always possible that Larian Studios will decide to add it later. Players can currently respec their build, going from one class to something entirely different – so it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that the feature could be added.

The player inspects the Mask of the Shapeshifter in the chest at camp

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A character in mid-animation casting a disguise to look like an elf

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There is one additional element with changing your appearance in Baldur’s Gate 3, and that’s something called Shapeshift. Those who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will find something called the Mask of the Shapeshifter in their chest at camp. This is a helmet that has the Shapeshift Level 1 Illusion Spell. Equipping the helmet will place a new spell in your inventory and casting it will let you pick a new, temporary appearance from 32 different options. You’ll have no control over the features but it will at least be a different appearance.

So while there is currently no way to change your appearance in Baldur’s Gate 3 (except for spells), it could be a featured that’s added to the game later on. Take a read over our Baldur’s Gate 3 strategy guide for more helpful information including explainers of complex mechanics.

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