Where to find the Bloodmoon Altar - Remnant 2

The location of the Bloodmoon Altar is a mystery worth solving if you want another valuable shop in Remnant 2.


The Bloodmoon Altar is one of the more unique vendors in Remnant 2. This altar accepts a rare currency and is one of the ways to unlock a new Archetype. The trouble will be finding the Bloodmoon Altar, as its location isn’t exactly telegraphed, unless you’re paying attention to the map.

Bloodmoon Altar location

Map showing the bloodmoon altar location on Yaesha and the dungeon that's used to reach it
The dungeon that connected to the Bloodmoon Altar for me was The Expanding Glade, yours might be different.
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The Bloodmoon Altar is located on the world of Yaesha in the Far Woods. For me, this was an area beside the vendor Meidra in the Dappled Glade (who also awards some Traits if you answer her questionnaire). However, the door to the Far Woods is locked, so you will need to fight through a dungeon and out another exit to enter via the back way, which then lets you unlock the door.

Due to the random nature of Remnant 2 and how the worlds are stitched together, you may or may not have the Far Woods in your world or the dungeon connecting Meidra to the Bloodmoon Altar will be different. Your best bet is to ensure you uncover every single fast travel point in Yaesha and if the Far Wood is not there, reroll an Adventure Mode version of Yaesha.

The Bloodmoon Altar should be visible on your map before you even reach it. It’s possible to see the blue icon when inspecting the map, which is a great way to be certain it’s in the nearby region.

Bloodmoon Altar items

The Bloodmoon Altar is where you can get a full set of Knotted armor, some unique jewelry, and the powerful Summoner Archetype. As such, it’s important to spend some time farming Blood Moon Essence so you don’t rock up empty handed. Below is the full list of items sold at the altar.

Bloodmoon Altar inventor
Item Blood Moon Essence Lumenite Crystal Scrap
Faded Grimoire 15 5 1,500
Knotted Helm 5 - 300
Knotted Cage 10 - 800
Knotted Greaves 7 - 600
Knotted Gloves 3 - 250
Soul Anchor (amulet) 10 3 1,000
Soul Guard (ring) 5 2 750
Blade of Gul (melee weapon) 10 - 1,250
Sanguine Vapor (Consumable) 1 - 500
Totals: 66 10 6,950

As you can see, if you want to buy one of everything you will need to have 66 Blood Moon Essence. Obviously you’ll need more if you want to buy more than one Sanguine Vapor. You’ll also need 10 Lumenite Crystal and almost 7,000 scrap.

Finding the Bloodmoon Altar in Remnant 2 is vital, especially if you want to unlock all the Archetypes. The trick will be spotting the altar on your map and then fighting through the dungeon until you reach it. Take a moment to read over our Remnant 2 page for a whole lot of other helpful guides.

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