How to unlock the Arcane Strike Trait - Remnant 2

The Arcane Strike Trait helps with Mod Power generation and finding it begins in the Harvester's Reach in Losomn.


The Arcane Strike Trait is perfect for those builds in Remnant 2 that focus on melee. By unlocking this Trait, you’ll have your Mod Power regenerating much faster, provided you don’t mind a bit of close-quarters combat. The only tricky thing will be actually unlocking Arcane Strike.

Unlock Arcane Strike Trait

The Arcane Strike Trait can be unlocked by defeating specific enemies in the Harvester’s Reach in Losomn. Within the faerie town is a region called Harvester’s Reach, an area that looks to be part sewer, part fortification. Here's what it's map looks like:

Harvester's Reach map
The bone piles can be found in the corners of the region as well as scattered throughout the hallways.
Source: Shacknews

When you first arrive in Harvester’s Reach, you will need to systematically clear the entire area. However, you must look out for bone piles with mollusc creatures attached to them. Defeating the molluscs will cause the bone pile to crumble, revealing a large rat-like monster. Defeat the monster and continue your search.

You will need to destroy all of the bone piles and the large rat creatures. There are several of them in this underground area, though most will be in the four corners. If you fully uncover the map you will discover them all naturally.

Arcane Strike Trait showing its effect

Source: Shacknews

After all the bone piles are destroyed, and the large rat creatures killed, you will receive the Arcane Strike Trait. This Trait increases Mod Power regeneration on melee hits. This will be quite beneficial to Archetypes, like the Challenger, that do well in close-quarters combat.

With the Arcane Strike Trait unlocked, you’ll no doubt want to unlock more. Take a look at our complete Traits list which also includes a brief description of the unlock requirements. Read over our Remnant 2 page for more tips and walkthroughs.

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